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Splashing Raft
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Raft building

Raft building is a great team building event as part of your corporate days out. It’s also a good way to sent off that special friend whether its part of a stag & hen party,  a groups of friends.  Or school or college group we know you will all have fun.

If you have a group of friends or some work colleagues who are looking for a half day of fun! then this is for you.

Barrels, planks, ropes and a little bit of water is a recipe for fun and a thorough soaking is guaranteed.

raft build parts

Kitted with buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles and a selection of materials such as. plastic barrels, long poles, short poles and not forgetting the all important rope.
Teams are given a short time to design their raft.

Raft 2

The rafts must be big enough and strong enough to carry the team through a series of races, it must be able to maneuver and cruise at speed. The real test to any raft is time, how long will it last?

Once the marshals are happy with the design & construction the races begin!

splashing-raft Falling apart Raft Group pushing a Raft
But do not worry if your raft earns the name Titanic, the safety marshals will be close at hand to rescue you and what remains of the raft.
Other Activities which can be mixed with raft building
Raft building can be mixed with another activity such as canoeing, paintballing, high level ropes and zip wire, land carting, orienteering, archery, clay shooting, gorge adventure walking, caving, mountain biking, hill walking and canoe hire to make it a memrable day for more infomation visit our main website
Frequently Asked Questions  
Is there a minimum age? Yes the munumum age is 8 and above
Is there a minimum group size? ... Yes the minimum group size is 6 but the more the better!
Will I get Wet! Yes There is a chance that you could get totally wet depending on how well you build ............................................................ your raft?
What do I need to Wear?. Sensible clothes that you are happy to get wet and good fitting shoes, that will stay on your feet if you go in the water Wet suits are availe on cooler days.
.......No Jeans, , No flip flops
A great session is guaranteed, ideal for large groups of adult and children alike
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